Publisher Weekly names Little Russian among the best books of 2014

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Transcription of article:

Wendy Werris, contributing editor: It took me a couple of years to crack my copy of Susan Sherman’s The Little Russian (Counterpoint, 2012), my favorite book of 2014, and when I finally read it this summer I kicked myself for delaying such a wonderful reading experience. This is a little gem of an historical novel.The story begins in Russia around the turn of the last century, when Jews were so terribly persecuted and murdered during the pograms. It follows the fascinating journey of Berta Alshonsky as she and her young family struggle to survive, until finally—and with tremendous chutzpah—they are able to escape from Russia and start a new life for themselves in America. The Little Russian is beautifully and impeccably told; Sherman infuses the book with poetic observations of that era and authentic characterizations in a story that pulled me along in a most moving trajectory. Because of her stellar research, I gained a deep understanding of the lives of my Russian grandparents and how lucky they were to escape the pogroms and enter America through Ellis Island in 1913. This was a life-changer of a book for me, and I hope you don’t wait two years to read it as I foolishly did.

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